Wills & Trusts

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A “Will” is a document that designates how and to whom your assets (personal property, money, etc.) will be given to once you are no longer living.  Not having a Will in place sets in motion predetermined rules through the Florida Court System to handle the distribution of your personal assets.  Having a Will allows your wishes to be known and honored by the court.



Trusts are created to protect and manage assets and set forth a specific purpose for those assets. We draft several different types of trusts and can customize a trust to suit your individual or family needs.


For our Florida Clients:


We recommend that every person have at least a basic will to Protect your Estate, Property, Assets & Heirs.


We offer the following:

  • Wills for Individuals and Married Couples.
  • Will Packages (Wills and Trusts)  for Individuals and Married Couples.
  • Trusts customized for your specific needs.
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